Forgotten McDonalds Restourant

McDonalds abandoned restaurant McBarge. Read more about it and take a look at the photos in gallery.


The McBarge (officially named the Friendship 500) was a second floating McDonald’s restourant. The first one was in St Louis, Missouri. The restourant was designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for Expo ’86 for $8 million. The barge remained empty at the Expo grounds until 1991, when the new owner of the grounds ordered McDonald’s to remove it. It has been anchored since then in Burrard Inlet, north of Burnaby, British Columbia.

The McBarge was intended to showcase future technology and architecture, but today it’s forgotten, disused and in very bad shape. In December 2015, it was announced that the barge is scheduled for a $4.5-million refit in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, before being relocated to an undisclosed location.

Take a look at the photos in the gallery:

MyBarge today Credits: Unknown

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